Configuring Notifications Emails In TFS

In this article, we will learn how to enable email alerts in VSTS.

We can enable email alerts by configuring the SMTP server for TFS.

Open TFS Administration Console, select Application Tier and click “Alert Settings”.

Provide the SMTP detail; for the purpose of the demo, we have used Gmail. Enter the Gmail email id from which the email has to be triggered  and username textboxes and password in the password box and click “OK”.
Now, click “Send Test Email” link. You will receive a “blocked sing in attempt” email from Google. Allow “Less Secure Apps” using below URL.

Once the SMTP is configured go to TFS Admin and select Alerts.



VSTS provides various types of alerts like check-in alerts, build alerts, code review alerts, etc.

For the purpose of the demo, I am creating a build fail alert. Select “Build alerts”, then select “A build fails” template. A build Fails window will open, enter the list of email ids to which mail has to be sent and click “Save and close” button.  
Now, whenever a build fails all the recipients will receive a build fail email, as shown below.
Similarly, we can create alerts for check-in, build, code reviews, work items, etc.