Configuring Outgoing Email Settings In SharePoint Server 2016

Open Server Manager.

server manager

Click manage -> Add roles and features.

Add roles and features

Select “Role based or feature based installation”.

Role based or feature based installation

Click Next.


Click Next to continue.


Click Next.

In the feature popup “Check SMTP Server” listed in the feature.

Check SMTP Server

Click Next.


Now, proceed to install.

After successful installation “Restart the destination Server, if required”.


Click Close.

Click Start -> Open IIS Manage to configure SMTP Virtual Server.


Right on the SMTP Virtual Server -> Click Properties.


Click authentication “Check anonymous”.

Check anonymous

Click OK.


Click the connection ”Check All except the list below”.

Do the same for relay.

Check All except the list

Click Message and set “Limited message size is 10240”.

Limited message size is 10240

Click Delivery.

Open “Outbound security”.

Click Basic authentication.

Provide the Email and password from the providers (Ex: Outlook,Gmail,Yahoo).

Outbound security

Open “Outbound connections”.

Provide TCP Port 587.

Note: Port number will be different for the different Email providers.

Outbound connections

Click OK.

Click Advanced.

Check that FQDN is valid.

Provide SMTP host of your Email provider.


Click OK.

Open Service.msc.

Restart the “Simple mail transfer protocol service”.

Simple mail transfer protocol service

Now, open SharePoint central administration.

Click System settings-> Configure outgoing E-mail settings.

System settings

Provide the Outbound SMTP Server.

From address and reply-to-address.

SMTP Port and TLS Encryption.


Click OK.

Now, you create/Manage alerts in a list and libraries.