Configuring Route Server In Microsoft Azure


The Azure Route Server is the easiest way to configure dynamic routing between our Network Virtual Appliances (NVA) and our virtual network. It allows us to exchange routing information directly through the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) routing protocol between any two Network Virtual Appliances that support the BGP routing protocol. Azure Route Server eliminates the manually configure route tables. The Azure Route Server could be a fully managed service and is configured with high availability. In this article, we will learn how to configure Route Server in Azure using the Azure portal.

Azure Route Server support to,

  • Network Virtual Appliance (NVA)
  • ExpressRoute
  • Azure VPN Gateway


  • Virtual Network with empty subnet.
    • Subnet name: RouteServerSubnet
    • Prefix: /27 or /28

Step 1

In the Azure portal, type Route Server in the search box and click Route Server.

Configuring Route Server in Microsoft Azure

Step 2

On the Route Server page, click + Create new route server.

Configuring Route Server in Microsoft Azure

Step 3

In the Project details section, select the subscription resource group; in the Instance Details section, enter the name of the Route Server and select the Region. Next, we have to select the Virtual network, select the RouteServerSubnet, in the Subnet section, and click on Review + create.

Configuring Route Server in Microsoft Azure

When we are creating the Route Server, in the behind, it will create two resources of the below type,

  • Network/virtualHubs
  • Network/virtualHubs/ipConfigurations

If we need to check that, we can click the check box for Show hidden types, and we will be able to view the Virtual Hub resources.

Configuring Route Server in Microsoft Azure

Step 4

Finally, we have successfully created the Route Server; on the overview page, we notice the Peer Ips and the ASN number.

Configuring Route Server in Microsoft Azure


In this article, we have learned how to configure the Route Server in Azure, and please note that we can not find the Route Server in the Resource Group; if we need to open the Route Server, type the Route Server in the search box and open the Route Server. Our next article will learn how to peer the Route Server with Network Virtual Appliance (NVA).

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