Configuring Windows Admin Center (WAC)


Server Manager is a great tool, but server manager is only for on-premises use and lets you administer multiple servers. Still, it doesn't allow us to interact with Azure a lot and control things in Azure and on Prem. Microsoft has introduced a new tool that would allow us to manage our on-premise environment and interact with the azure environment in one central place. 

In this article, we will learn how to configure Windows Admin Center (WAC) in On-prem Server.

Step 1

To download the Windows Admin Center, click here.

Step 2

Select, I accept these terms checkbox and click Next.

Step 3

In the Send diagnostic data to Microsoft option Select Required diagnostic data and click Next.

Step 4

In the Update option, select I don’t want to use Microsoft update and click Next.

Step 5

In the Installing Windows Admin Center, select Allow Windows Admin center to modify this machine, and Automatically update Windows Admin center; click Next.

Step 6

Select a port 443, and if we have our certificate so we can use it; otherwise, we can select Generate a self-signed SSL certificate and click Install.

Step 7

Copy the URL and paste it into the browser.

Step 8

We have successfully installed the Windows Admin Center

Step 9

Select the server and click Connect.

Step 10

In the Windows Admin Center, we can manage our server and configure Azure Backup and Azure File Sync services.

Step 11

If we need to install the Roles and Features, select Roles & features and select the role and Click + Install.


In this article, we learned to configure Windows Admin Center (WAC); our next article will learn how to add our Azure VMs.

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