Content Type Hub In SharePoint Online

In this article, I am going to explain how I am going to use the content type hub in SharePoint online.

Content type hub is already created in SharePoint online; we just need to use it.

The link of content type hub is not visible at the "view site collections page" in SharePoint admin module.

Below is the screenshot.


It is actually hidden; it has got a generic URL which is

A content type syndication hub feature is already activated as shown below.


I have created a custom content type by the name of “NSW Contract” under custom group “Legal Contracts” in the Content-type hub site collection.

I am going to publish it so that it can be visible in other site collections as well.

Now, we are going to see if we can add this content type in a different site collection.

Now, below I am trying to add “NSW Contract option 1” as a content type in a document library, below we can see that we can add this content type which is under “Legal Contracts” group.


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