Controlling The Keyboard Through Python Language

This is a very interesting use for the keyboard through Python language.
  1. Firstly Install the Python in your system.
  2. After Installing the pip command download this file and install it with python. You can also follow this article for installing pip command in windows.
  3. After Successful Installation of "pip", then open the command prompt and write command: pip install pyautogui. I have already installed it.
  4. After this write command in CMD: python.
  5. It will open the python terminal of python.
  6. Before trying keyboard open notepad on your computer.
  7. Write code in terminal: import pyautogui then press enter
  8. Again write code in next line :,100); pyautogui.typewrite(“I’m Neeraj Kumar”, interval=1) then press enter and fastly click mouse on notepad file.
  9. You will see that “I’m Neeraj Kumar” text automatic write character by character in 1-second intervals.
  10. Another Example of Keyboard use.
  11. Write code in python terminal as below,
    “,100); pyautogui.typewrite(['a', 'c', 'left', 'b', 'right', 'd'],interval=5)”
    This code writes abcd in the notepad file.
  12. In the next example, you can click any key with Keyboard.
  13. Write code in python terminal. pyautogui.KEYBOARD_KEYS.
  14. It shows the test of each keyboard button that can work with python using text like the below image.
  15. After checking if this is working or not write code again as below.
    If the caps lock button is OFF then it will ON and if ON then OFF.
  16. Now we see How to hotkeys using this.
  17. Task Manager Button is ctrl+shift+esc. To open the task manager through this.write code as below.
  18. It will open Task Manager.
    You can also do multiple things with the keyboard using the pyautogui library.

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