How to Convert an Array to a List in C#?


The following code example explains converting an array to a List in C#. The code example is written in C# 10 and .NET 6.0. 

There are multiple ways to convert an array to a list in C#. One method is using a List.AddRange method that takes an array as input and adds all array items to a List. The second method is using the ToList method of collection. 

// C# Array to List
Console.WriteLine("C# Array to List Example!");

// Array of string items
string[] names = { "Mahesh Chand", "Doug Wagner", "Neel Beniwal" };

// Covert array to List #1
Console.WriteLine("----AddRange method----");
List<string> list = new();
foreach(string name in names)

// Convert array to List #2
Console.WriteLine("----ToList method----");
List<string> namesList = names.ToList();
foreach (string name in namesList)


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