Cortana Assistant With Voice Command In Windows 10

In this Article we will learn how to use Cortana Assistant with Voice Command In Windows 10.

A new feature has been added to Windows 10 called Cortana Assistant, which is more powerful today to utilize Windows 10's features. Some Windows 10 users have no idea how to use Cortana Assistant by voice commands in the Windows 10 Operating System. For using Cortana Assistant with voice commands, first of all we must Configure Microphone in Windows 10 by following some steps.

Step 1

First of all Plug In Microphone/Headphone Jack into the Input Slots as follow this screen shots,

Headphone Jack
Image Source

Headphone Slots

Image Source

After plugging in Microphone/Headphone jack we can see new a popup window Called Audio Manager, In this window we don't need to do any thing,

mouse plugin 

Just press OK Button then press again OK Button,

Headphone popUp 2

Step 2

Right click on Sound icon at notifications area of Windows 10, you will see some options which looks like this screen shot.

Recording Option

Select Recording Devices option,

Select Recording Option

After selecting Recording Device option, We can see new popup window called Sound whick looks like this screen shot.

Mute Microphone

Single click on Microphone and go to property option,

A new Microphone Property popup window is open, Single click on Enhancements tab,

microphone property

Enable Right check mark on Immediate Mode, Noise Suppression and Acoustic Echo Cancellation options and Apply then Click on Ok Button,

Enhancement check 2

Sound Ok

If you wants to test your Microphone is ready or not please say " hello " and check the Microphone Device Signals we following this screen shots,

Un Mute Microphone

Press OK Button now.

Step 3

After do above steps successfully, We are ready for using Cortana Assistant by voice commands,

Click on Mic Icon on Cortana View and say Some words in Microphone just following this screen shot.


I can say to my Cortana Assistant " How are You ",

How r u

After Listen my Commands, Cortana reply me " Great, thnks ",

 Grates Thnks

Again a say to Cortana Assistant " Who is your father ",

whose is father

Cortana again reply me " Bill Gates ",

bill gates

Finally i say to Cortana Assistant " who i am ",

who i am

Cortana say me " my dear boss er sonu kumar rai ",

my dear boss sonu kumar rai

So that after using above examples we can do some tasks in Windows 10 by using Cortana Assistant. We can also put further questions to Cortana Assistant for example,

  • Q. what is the weather like today.?
  • Q. sing me another song.?
  • Q. tell me a joke.?
  • Q. Do you need Google.?
  • Q. Do have Boyfriend.?
  • Q. Can i see a picture of you.?
  • Q. do you want eat.?


In this article we used Windows 10 Cortana Assistant by voice Commands, I hope you really liked this article and  will try it. Thanks for learning.