Create A Bot Using Azure Bot Service


In this article, I will explain about creating a Bot using Azure services. Before getting started, we shall have an overlook on what a bot is. Bots are automated programs that run  with the help of the Internet. There are many types of bots which provide an experience to the users which they will feel is more like dealing with a person in real life. The bots are also used to do repetitive tasks, such as making a dinner reservation and gathering some user’s required information, etc. Bots also can do things like reading & writing files and using databases & APIs.
The bot is like a web service which will implement an interface and communicate with Bot framework services for sending and receiving messages. The Azure Bot Service provides the framework for creating the bots in desired programming languages such as C# and JavaScript for development according to requirements.
The Azure bot services provide us the required components which are all needed to create the bots, by using of bot frameworks and connecting to the user's required channels. In this article, we will be using a Node.js template for creating a bot.

Azure portal login subscription.
Step 1

Login into an Azure portal by using this link.
select->create new resource->AI + Machine Learning-> Web App bot.
Create A Bot Using Azure Bot Service
Step 2
After selecting the web App Bot, a new page will be loaded & then click->Create. Now we need to provide the basic requirements for creating a Web app bot.
Create A Bot Using Azure Bot Service
We need to provide a unique name for the bot name and create a resource group or select an existing resource group, then proceed to next step by providing an app name for the web app bot,
Create A Bot Using Azure Bot Service
The next step is to we need to select the template for creating a bot so for that select-> Bot template and then select SDK language to Node.js and select-> Echo Bot & select->OK and in addition to that
Create A Bot Using Azure Bot Service
select->datacentre location and then select->Create.
Create A Bot Using Azure Bot Service
Step 3

The web app bot deployment process will take some time for creation and after the resource has been created the web app bot window will be displayed & then navigate -> to test in web chat.
Create A Bot Using Azure Bot Service
Step 4
Now we can chat with the web app bot as you can see, I have given some inputs and the bot replies with the output which I gave as input.
Create A Bot Using Azure Bot Service


So, in this article, I have explained about creating a basic web app bot which will communicate based on what we give as input. In my next article I will explain about using QnA Maker service & a knowledge base to add question-and-answer support to your bot. Thanks for reading.