Create A Simple Bot With Azure Bot Service

In this article, we will explore creating a simple Bot using Azure Bot Framework. First of all, let’s take an overview of what is an Azure Bot framework and then let’s get deeper into that. So, the Bots are a program that is designed to perform a task automatically when a task has been scheduled for it (or) when a task has been assigned to it by the user. In other words, we can also state that the bots are perceived to be humans when it comes to dealing or interacting with them. With the help of Bot’s, we can do many tasks like a reservation system by gathering the required information from the particular user. It is also possible that Bots can do more than that, like creating a file and reading a file using APIs, etc.

The bots are like a web service. With the help of the framework, the bots will implement services like sending and receiving messages with the help of the interface. With the help of the Bot framework, the SDK allows us to create bots with user-loved platforms like JavaScript, C#, NodeJS, REST requests, etc. As I said we can use the beloved platforms to create a bot service, so in this article, we will use a C# template for creating a simple bot that will interact with the user as a webchat, and the important point I'd like to point out is that  I feel Microsoft Bot framework is far better to use than AWS LEX and Google Dialog Flow.


Active Azure login subscription.

Step 1. First, we need to log in to an Azure portal, you can log in to the portal by using the following link.

Select=>create new resource=>AI + Machine Learning=> then, Web App bot.

AI machine learning

Step 2. By selecting the web App Bot, a new window will be displayed and then after that, we need to provide the basic requirements for creating a Bot.

First, provide a unique name for the bot and you can create a new resource group or you can use the existing resource group. The next step is to select the template for creating a bot and for that select=> Bot template and then select SDK language to C#

Then select=> Echo Bot & select->OK.

Web app bot

Echo bot

In addition to that, select the data center location and then click=>Create.

Click on create

So, the Bot deployment process will take place, sometimes the deployment process will take more time than normal for the creation, and after that, the resource group will be created.

Step 3. We can see that the deployment is successful, and now we can use the bot for the conversation process. For having a conversation process with the Bot select=> Test from the created resource.

Click on overview

Now you can see, that I have entered the input, and the bot echoes with the output based on the user’s input.

Test in web Chat


In this article, we have explored creating a bot service that will communicate with the user based on the given input. I hope you have understood about creating a simple Bot service. Thanks for reading.

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