Create A Watson Conversation Service And Consume From .NET Code

Creating a Watson Conversation Service

While searching on the internet, you may find out about more blogs or topics discussing Watson Conversation Service. The best guide document is the official document page. The document page link is given here.

I will demonstrate the process to create a really simple Conversation Service (chatbot) hosted in the Bluemix cloud.

Step 1

Create an account on Bluemix or login with your existing account.

Step 2

If you are signing up, then you have to confirm your email address. After your email confirmation, when you login for the first time , you will get the screen, as shown below.

  • Accept the terms and click on continue. Now, you have to setup the organization and the Workspace.

  • Select the Deployment Server location and name your organization.

  • Click on the create.

  • Name your space. I selected the suggestion Dev.


  • Click Create.


  • Click I am Ready. This will bring you to the Dashboard. This screen is the same, when you are returning logging after this initial setup of your account.


Step 3

Click Create app.


Step 4

Search for Conversation.


Step 5

Click on the Conversation Service (First Result).


Step 6

Click on the Create button.