Create and View Decomposition Tree Visuals in Power BI


The decomposition tree visual in Power BI lets you visualize data across multiple dimensions. It automatically aggregates data and enables drilling down into your dimensions in any order. It's also an artificial intelligence (AI) visualization, so you can ask it to find the next dimension to drill down into based on certain criteria. This tool is valuable for ad hoc exploration and conducting root cause analysis.

Get started

Step 1. Launch Power BI.

Step 2. Import Data.

Step 3. Select the decomposition tree icon from the Visualizations pane.

Decomposition tree watermark

Step 4. Add the relevant data

The visualization requires two types of input:

  • Analyze: the metric you would like to analyze. It must be a measure or an aggregate.
  • Explain By: one or more dimensions you would like to drill down into.
    Drill down

Step 5. You can see the visual below. Click '+' to see High Value and Low value

High Value

Step 6. You can further drill down and see the values.



The maximum number of levels for the tree is 50. The maximum number of data points that can be visualized at one time on the tree is 5000. We truncate levels to show the top n. Currently, the top n per level is set to 10. The decomposition tree isn't supported in the On-premises Analysis Services.

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