Azure Functions are the basic building blocks for Azure Serverless Applications. Azure Portal provides an editor where one can build Azure Functions. However working on a browser based editor is cumbersome at times. Usually we use lot of Nuget packages or any other dependencies to build the code for Azure Function. Handling the dependencies is not that smooth using browser based editor in Azure portal. There are many other developer pain points while building Azure Function using browser based Azure portal editor.
Developers prefer to build their code using a desktop based IDE and then push the code to the hosting environment once they are confident that the code executes smoothly and does its work. Visual Studio can be used as an offline,desktop based editor to build and debug Azure Function and then push the code to Azure environment after proper testing. Nuget packages and dependencies can be easily handled using Visual Studio. In this video we will explore how to create an Azure function, debug and push to Azure environment using Visual Studio 2019.

Create Azure Functions Using Visual Studio 2019
Apr 09 2020

Abhishek Mishra

This video describes how to create and debug Azure Functions using Visual Studio 2019.