Azure Web Chat Bot Service helps you build intelligent, enterprise-grade bots that help to maintain and control your data. You can build any type of bot, like Question and Answer Bot or a virtual assistant. You can connect your bot across popular channels and devices like Skype, Slack, Facebook, Cortana, and many more. Azure Bot Service allows your bot to speak, listen, and understand the users with native integration of Azure Cognitive Services.
In the following video tutorial, we will learn how to set up an Azure Web Bot Service, add Natural Language Processing to it, run the bot in the Cloud, connect it to the Channels like Skype, and also, how to download the sample Visual Studio Solution to make custom bots.
To perform, you need to fulfill the following prerequisites -
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Create ChatBot in Azure - Quick Tutorial
Aug 02 2019

Stephen Simon

In the video tutorial, we are going to create an Azure-based ChatBot with integrated LUIS and the Bot hosted on Skype.