Create Flow For SharePoint Online List

In this article I would like to share the steps to create a flow for SharePoint lists.

What is SharePoint Flow?

  • Flow is used to set up the workflows for SharePoint online lists and libraries
  • Using flows, we can automate some of the tasks between SharePoint and other office 365
  • There are lots of templates available in the flow, and some of the templates are here:


Follow the below listed steps to Create Flow in SharePoint List,

Step 1

Open your SharePoint Site

Step 2

Then open the list from the SharePoint site contents



Step 3

On the SharePoint list click on the flow option from the command bar,



Step 4

On the drop down select “Create a flow”, on the left side you will get the template as shown below:



I’ve selected “Send customized email when a new SharePoint list item is added”



Step 5

When you click on the send a customized email, you will be redirected to If you have permission you will have to use the continue button to proceed further,



Step 6

I’m using default template without customizing anything , once you have done your changes click on “Save” button.


You can check what flows are associated with your list using “See your flows” option on the List



Finally, you will get the mail when you added the item in the List.


In this article we have explored how to create a flow in SharePoint list and how to send an email when adding the data in list using the Flow. Happy learning.