Create Page Layout Using Design Manager In SharePoint Online

What is page layout?

In SharePoint, we can create publishing pages and we can design our publishing pages, as we need.  SP 2013 has introduced Design Manager. Using page layout, we can create multiple pages with a single template. Also, we can include the in–built Web parts on the page layouts like Content editor, Script editor etc.

Page layouts help to dictate the overall look and feel of a Web page. A page layout relies on a content type to determine the kind of the content, which can be stored on the pages, which use the page layout. Content for the page is stored in the fields on the page. When you view or edit a page, the content is displayed in the field controls. When you create a page layout, you add field controls, using a Windows SharePoint Services-compatible Web authoring tool, such as Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer.


Follow the listed steps given below to create page layout in SharePoint.

Step 1

Go to your SharePoint site.


Step 2

Now, click Site settings from Gear menu, as shown below. You will be navigated to site settings page.


Step 3

On site settings page, select Design Manager in look and feel section.


Step 4

On Design Manager page, click 6.Edit Page Layouts from the left navigation, as shown below. Now, you navigate to the page.


Step 5

On Edit page layouts page, you can see the option to create new page layout


Step 6

Click Create a new page layout and you will get the pop up.


Step 7

On the pop up, provide the following.

  • NAME: Name of the page layout.
  • Master Page : Select the master page. I selected as Seattle.

    • Page layouts fits within a master page's content placeholders. Choose this page layout's master page.

  • Content Type : I selected the Article page.

    • All the types of the pages are not the same. You might want to have a picture for some or to show the author for others. Content Type determines the availability of these fields. Advanced users can also modify and create new content types.


Step 8

Click OK to create a new page layout, as shown below.


Finally, page layout will be created successfully. Now, you can edit the page layout and we can add the Webpart zones and inbuilt Webpart , as per our requirement.



In this article, we explored how to create page layout in SharePoint, using Design Manager.