Create Shared Folders In Windows Server 2016 - Computer Management


In this article, I will show you how to create shared folders in Windows Server 2016, so that you can share it with the people on the other computers in your network or workgroup.
I will explain this shared folder creation process in 8 steps. It is very simple and easy to follow.
Step 1
First step in this process would be opening your Server Manager Dashboard —> go to Tools —> click Computer Management.
Image: Server Manager Dashboard.
Step 2
Once you click Computer Management, it will open up Computer Management Window, where you can see different types of tools and utilities.
Now, expand System Tools —> expand Shared Folders —> Right-click on Shares —> Select New Share.
Image: Computer Management
Step 3
As soon as you click New Share, it will open Create A Shared Folder Wizard —> Click Next.
Image: Create A Shared Folder Wizard.
Step 4
Click Browse or type the path to the folder, where you want to share.
Image: Specify Folder Path
Step 5
As you can see in the screenshot given below, I clicked on Browse and choose the “C” drive. Click Make New Folder to create a new folder in the “C” drive. I named the folder as ImportantDocs and subsequently click OK.
[Note- You can pick an existing folder, but I have added a new folder, which I am going to share.]
Image: Select or Create a Folder to Share.
Step 6
In Step 5, I created a folder called ImportantDocs in the “C” drive to share, which you will see in the screenshot given below.
My folder path is C:\ImportantDocs and click Next.
Image: Folder Path
Step 7
As soon as you click Next in the step given above, you will get some options to add a name and description to the shared folder. You can give a description in this step.
Image: Specify Name and Description to the Shared Folder.
Step 8
In this step, you need to specify Permissions to the shared folder, if you want to. I selected All users have read-only Access, so that it can be accessed by all the users in my network.
I clicked Finish to complete this process.
Image: Permissions to Shared Folders
Now, it should create a shared folder in my “C” drive ( at C:\ImportantDocs Location. You can verify this by navigating to the location.
I navigated to C:\ImportantDocs to see if there’s a folder called “ImportantDocs”, as you can see in the screenshot given below. This folder is now created at this location. This folder can now be accessed by all the people on other computers in my network.

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