Create Web Application In Sharepoint Server 2016

In this article, I have explained how to create and manage the Web Application in SharePoint Server 2016.

  • In SharePoint, each Web Application hosted a single Website in IIS.
  • Each Web Application contains one or more site collections.
  • In each Web Application, create a content database and the authentication method to connect the database
  • Each Web Application must have a unique domain name.

Open Sharepoint central administration.

Open Sharepoint central administration

Application management -> Open Manage Web Application -> Click new.


Select create a new IIS Website.

IIS website

If you need anonymous access enabled, please check “yes”. Thus, your site collection under this Web Application is visible to the anonymous users.

web application


If you use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), you must associate the SSL certificate with the Web Application's IIS Website after the IIS Website is created.

In my case, check “No”.


Next step is claims authentication type,

  • Basic authentication.
  • Windows authentication.
  • Forms based authentication.

Basic authentication

Basic authentication requires previously assigned Windows account credentials for the user access.

Windows authentication

Negotiate (Kerberos) is the recommended security configuration to use with Windows authentication. If this option is selected and Kerberos is not configured, NTLM will be used. For Kerberos, the Application pool account needs to be the Network Service or an account which has been configured by the domain administrator.

Forms authentication

ASP.NET membership and role provider are used to enable Forms Based Authentication (FBA) for this Web Application.

In this scenario, I have used only Windows auth type. If you need forms + Windows, check both the forms and Integrated Windows auth.

Now, it will look like:


If you have to create a custom login page, you can create and link it here else, you can go for the default sign in page.

default sign in

In Application pool tab -> create a new Application pool for this Website.

Application pool tab

Select the necessary Service Applications, whichever is required.

service applications

Click OK.



Click OK to complete.


Web Application has been created successfully.

Click Start-> Open IIS Manager

Click Application Pool.

You are now able to see the Application, we have created.



Click Site.

Now, the created Web Application site has been hosted in an IIS.


Note: Enable the basic authentication

  • Click the authentication.
  • Right click on the basic authentication -> Click Enable.

    Enable basic authentication

In the next article, let us see, how to create and manage the site collections under Web Application.