Creating a Microsoft CoPilot with Multilingual Support

1. Navigate to

2. Click here.


3. Click New Copilot.

New Copilot

4. Insert the Name.

Insert the Name

5. Click the "Describe your copilot" field.

Describe your copilot

6. Click "Create".


7. Click this icon to Test the CoPilot.

Test the CoPilot

8. Click "Settings".


9. Click "Generative AI".

Generative AI

10. Click "Classic - Build topics which are used to respond to user queries, and are matched to the example trigger phrases you have provided (in classic m..."

Classic - Build topics

11. Click "Languages".


12. Click "Add Languages".

Add Languages

13. Click the "Search" field.

Search field

14. Type "Hindi".

15. Then select Hindi (India) (hi-IN).

Select Hindi

16. Click "Add Languages".

Click Add Languages

17. Click "Upload".


18. Click "Download localization file as JSON".

Download localization file

19. Click "Browse".


20. Once you have the JSON downloaded, make changes in the JSON file as per the localization language.

JSON Downloaded

21. Click "Upload translation updates".

Upload translation

22. Click "Update localizations".

Update localizations

23. "Localizations updated Successfully."

Localizations updated

24. Click "Close".


25. Click the ellipsis(...).


26. Click "Language English (United States) (en-US)".

Language English

27. Click "Hindi (India) (hi-IN)".


28. Click the "Ask a question or describe what you need" field.

Ask a question

29. Write Thanks and Click this button.

Click this button

30. As you can see the Hindi response from Copilot BOT.

 Copilot BOT

31. Type "Thank you" and Click this button.

Thank you


By using this step-by-step guide you can make Microsoft CoPilot that supports multiple languages.

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