Creating An Event Hub On The Azure Portal

In this article, I am going to describe and demonstrate the creation of Event Hubs on the Azure Portal. These Event Hubs are used to act as a port to collect the streaming data and processing of that data per second.
  • An Azure Subscription.
What are Events Hubs? 

Azure Event Hubs is a highly scalable data streaming platform and event ingestion service, capable of receiving and processing millions of events per second. Event Hubs can handle and store events, data, or telemetry produced by distributed software and devices. Azure Stream Analytics accepts various types of inputs from the Blobs and also from the Azure Events Hubs. The IoT based systems around the world are working with the help of Event Hubs to transmit the data stream to analyze and compute the data. A single Event Hub can handle thousands or millions of events per second from the devices around the world.
Follow these steps to create an Event Hub on the Azure portal.
Step 1

Sign in to the Azure Portal.
Step 2
On the portal, click  +New-->Internet of Things-->Event Hubs. 

Step 3
In the "Create Namespace" blade, enter the name of your Event Hub in the name field, then choose the Standard Pricing Tier, and choose the desired subscription to create the Event Hub under it. For Resource group, select the "Create new" option and enter the resource group name as you wish. Select the location that is nearest to you and press "Create".

Step 4
After the "deployment succeeded" message on the Notification bar, it opens our namespace to show the details of the Event Hub. Press +Event Hub to add an event hub to the namespace.


Step 5
In the "Create Event Hub" blade, enter the name of the hub and click the "Create" button.

Step 6
Stay calm for some seconds. Our Event Hub is created and shown under the "Event Hubs" blade. For connection purposes, click the "Shared access policies" and choose "RootManageSharedAccesskey". It opens the SAS policy that consists of a connection string. Copy and paste the connection string on the clipboard.



I hope you understood how to create an Event Hub on the Azure Portal and how to add an Event Hub. In my next article, I am going to show how to send events to the Event Hubs using Visual Studio.

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