Creating App Packages And Uploading It On Windows Dev Center


This article will help you in creating app packages and uploading them on the Windows Dev Center.

After the app is developed, we have to create app packages for it and then,  we have to movie it for the Windows Dev Center. There, Microsoft will test of the app that we have developed and later, this will be available on the Windows Store Portal.

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Developer Requirements

  1. Visual Studio 2015.
  2. Windows 10 Pro.

Follow the below steps now.

Step 1

Run Visual Studio 2015 and open the app which we have developed before. Go to Solution Explorer and click on your solution name. Follow the below commands now.

Right click on your solution file -Store - Create App Packages.


Step 2
Click yes, if you have to create app packages to upload them on Store portal or just for the local machine purposes, as such.


Here, let's select “Yes” for which we will be creating packages to upload on the Windows Dev Center.

Select “Next”.

Step 3

Sign in with your Windows Store account over here.


You will be asked to sign in here with an OTP verification.

Step 4

You should reserve an app name over here. Your app name should be reserved with a unique name on the Dev Center.


After the app name is reserved, click on Next.


Step 5

Select your package and other details such as Output location, Version of your app, Generate app bundle, packages and respective architecture followed by a click on Create.


Now, your app package will get created.


And, here goes your app packages which is created.


Click on the specified directory address link to access your app packages. You can select a target machine to run the validation of your app. Let's run it over here on a Local Machine.

Step 6

Click on “Launch Windows App Certification Kit”


Step 7

Click on “Yes” over the screen which will be running your Windows App Certification Kit.

Now, click on “Next”.


Select the test which you wish to undergo. I recommended all the tests.

Click on “Next”.


Now, your app gets validated by testing.


Your app will be running several times when you run the Windows App Certification Kit. This will mean your Windows App Certification either passed or failed.