Creating App Packages In Microsoft Visual Studio


In the following article, I am going to explain the steps to create app packages for an application that is developed using Microsoft Visual Studio. The app package is nothing but a complete file of the application which you have developed. This file is required to submit in the Windows Store where your app package is being submitted on the store in a different encoding. Now, let us see it in detail.

Creating Package after app is completed

Let us assume that the below given screenshot is the completely developed application. Now, the first step is to right click on the name of the project and select the Store menu. Now, a small menu pops up. Select the "Create App Packages..." option. The following is explained in the screenshot below.


Now, you will see a window asking for building the packages. Here, if you select the "Yes" option, it will directly associate you with your Store account.

 Another method is creation of a local package by selecting the No option and clicking on the Next button. This will simply create a local package on the machine. Have a look over the given screenshot for a better idea.

Now, you will find the path where you can save your package. By default, the path will be the location of your project. You can also select the specification which you like to have in your application. Those are highlighted in the screenshot below.
Once you complete your changes, click on the "Create" button. This will create the application packages. Once the packages get created, you will get notified. Those screenshots are given below.

Once everything is done, you can find a new folder called app packages which is newly created in your project’s folder. Open the folder and you can find the package which is created with your application’s name. This is the package which you will upload in the Store. Have a look over the screenshots. 


As explained previously, this package is created to upload the application on the Store. To know the method to publish your app packages on the Windows Store, follow up the link- Thank you.

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