Creating Your Academic Project In ASP.NET WebForms

ASP.NET Web Forms Demo Project (GYM)

If some wants to learn ASP.NET MVC from a project, just click on the below link to download the project.

I have provided the entire GYM project to download with SQL Server Script that contains tables and stored procedures. Please read text file ReadMeBeforeStart.txt.

In this application, there are 2 types of users. One will be Admin and the other one will be System User.

Project System User Process

This project focuses completely on the GYM process. The process starts with membership. When a member newly joins the gym, he is registered in the GYM Software by System User. While registering, the system will ask the member about the type of plan he would like to take (GYM+CARDIO or just GYM) and for how long, he will be joining the GYM (Quarterly, Half Yearly, Yearly). According to this, the fees of the gym are decided.

After registering, the member is given a receipt and declaration form. The receipt is signed by the system user and the declaration form is signed by the joinee. Along with this, the member is asked to provide legal document proof of address and photo identity. Now, the member can use gym facilities till his/her subscription is expired. After completion of this service, he needs to renew membership from System User for the next tenure(Quarterly, Half Yearly, Yearly) and pay a fee to System User for that period.

The system user also has a right to check how much has been collected this month by seeing monthly report and if he wants to check how much has been collected this year, then he can view the yearly report. Finally, he can also check the list of the users whose renewal is upcoming, so as to notify them about the renewal in advance.

Admin System User Process

The role of Admin is to create and delete System User and also assign roles (Admin, System User) to them. He also has rights for adding schemes (or packages)  like GYM+CARDIO or GYM etc. and plan (Quarterly, Half Yearly, Yearly). He can view all the reports for monthly, weekly, or yearly collection along with the renewal report. Accordingly, he can plan schemes for getting more members to the GYM.

Platform Used

I have developed this application using Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2012 with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and the reporting is done using Crystal Report Version (13.0.5).

The project is created using ASP.NET WebForms and language used is C# and ORM Dapper with 3-Layer Architecture.

Database Details

Finally, after understanding the process, let's check out the tables we have used in this application. Please read text files ReadMeBeforeStart.txt first. In this file, the entire process of database creation and login details of the file is described thoroughly.

I have created a database with the name "MAINGYMONEDB" and inside this, all the tables are present.


  • Adminlogin
  • Fiscalyear
  • MemberRegistration
  • PaymentDetails
  • PlanMaster
  • RecepitTB
  • SchemeMaster


This table contains all Users' and Admins' login details.

Fiscal year

The table contains all fiscal year details.


This table contains all the details of members and it is a Master table.


The table contains all the payment details of members. MemberID is Foreign key in this table.

Plan Master

This table contains all plan names in it along with a Foreign key SchemeID.

E.g. (Quarterly, Half Yearly, Yearly).


This table contains details of who and how many receipts have been downloaded.


The table contains all the scheme details in it. For example, GYM+CARDIO or GYM

After completing the database details, now let’s have a look on Project structure in Visual Studio.


The Project name is GYMPROJECT.

You can see the basic folder structure.

External packages are used in this Project. I have added some packages from NuGet also. Here is the list.

  • Bootstrap
  • Dapper dot net

Let’s have a look at folders and their details.

Bootstrap folder contains all files of .js and .css.

  • Member Forms Folder

  • Payment Forms Folder

  • Plans Forms Folder

  • Workout Type Forms Folder

  • Admin Forms Folder

  • Report Forms Folder

  • Report Files (Crystal Report) Folder

  • WebCam Folder

The above images show how the directory and folder structure looks. Now, let’s check out our screens.

Starting with Login Screen.

Login Screen

After login screen, now let’s check System User Screen.

System User Section

User Dashboard

After login, the user will see this User Dashboard screen in which he will be able to see all the pages which he can access.

Now, let’s open the first link of User Dashboard i.e. Register Member Master.

  • Register Member Master [Create]

  • Register Member Master [Listing]

  • Register Member Master [Edit / Update]

Receipt Download

In this page, we can download Candidate Receipt.

Candidate Form Download

In this page, we can download Candidate Declaration Form.

Payment Listing

In this page, we can check out the details of Member Payment and Renewal according to Member No or Member Name.

Renewal Details

In this page, we can renew the membership of all the members.

Renewal Type: - [Continues]

Renewal Type: - [Gap]

All Member List

In this page, we can see the list of all registered members.

Renewal Report

In this page, we can choose the dates for checking the renewal for particular day and months.

Admin Section

The first thing we are going to look is Admin dashboard. The reports here will be similar to that in System User Reports.

Creating User / Admin for using application

The page we are going to create is a user who is going to access this application.

Admin is default User. He can create users who can access this application to register members, collect payment, provide payment receipt.

List of User / Admin for using application

In this page, I am displaying all the registered users' details.

Workout Type Master [Create]

In this page, let's see how to add Workout Type.

Workout Type Master [Listing]

In this page, I am going to display all the Workout Type details.

Workout Type Master [Edit]

In this page, I am going to show how to edit Workout Type.

Create Plan Master [Create]

In this page, I am going to show how to create a plan.

Plan Master [Listing]

In this page, I am going to display all the entered plans.

Plan Master [Edit]

In this page, I am going to show how to edit a plan.

Finally, after completing the Views, now let’s move towards reports to have a look at it.

Monthwise Report

The first report which we are going to see is Monthwise Report. In this report, we are going to display all the fees collected in a particular month.

Yearwise Report

The second report is Yearwise Collection Report. In this report, we are going to display the fee collected in a particular year.

Details Report

The third report is Details Member Report where we display all the members who are registered in the GYM.

Payment Receipt

The fourth report is Payment Receipt.

Declaration Form

The fifth report is Declaration Form.

Finally, we have completed the project successfully and I believe that people who are new to ASP.NET WebForms have learned a lot from this project.

Project download link.

If you like this project, please share it. For further queries or feedback, please feel free to comment. 

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