Customizable Generic Form Validation Control


Though ASP.NET ships with form validation controls, they handle all the requests at the server side and require only Windows platforms for hosting ASP.NET files. This control performs form validations at the client-side irrespective of the web server on which the files are hosted and delivers much better performance as the validations are performed at the client-side. It takes lot of time for developers and companies to move to ASP.NET. Whatever be the case I think this Generic Form Validation Control will be useful for most developers.


This form validation control is very Generic, Customizable and compatible with both IE and NN. This form validation control is very useful for handling client-side validations like checking for null values, email, numeric values, alpha values, alpha numeric values etc. Further it displays the consolidated details filled in by the user before being submitted to another form/page. This gives the user a scope, to check details entered and correct if required thus ensuring un-necessary hits on server side. 

Just try it.

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