Deploy FTP Server On IIS


In this article you will learn how to deploy FTP Server on IIS. Here, FTP is File Transfer Protocol, a client side file transfer protocol with Authentication credentials.

Enable IIS features

Start, Control Panel, then click Programs and features,

Windows features
Figure 1: Windows features

Click Turn windows features on or off link the following window will open then choose the credentials as same in the figure. Then hit ok.

Enable FTP features
                     Figure 2: Enable FTP features

Now open IIs and then start to deploy a FTP site in the following manner.

Adding FTP Site
                     Figure 3: Adding FTP Site

Right click sites, then choose Add FTP site

The following window will open.

Setting site name
                                                      Figure 4: Setting site name

In this above image enter the Ftp site name and navigate the path for that site directory.

Enter Site Credentials
                                                   Figure 5: Enter Site Credentials

After entering the credentials,hit Next button.

SSL settings
                                                            Figure 6: SSL settings

SSL – Secure Sockets Layer

For establishing secured connection between webserver and web browser.

In this above image choose the IP Address for local LAN accessing (or) check enable virtual Host names to host your site globally.

Then hit next button.

The following window will open,

Authentication credentials
                                                Figure 7: Authentication credentials

Enter the authentication credentials as same in the above figure. Finally hit Finish button to publish a site.

Now your site demo placed under the Sites in IIS

         Figure 8: Demo


Click this demo site you will see the following features added into IIS page.
FTP features in IIS
                                             Figure 9: FTP features in IIS

Then we add a virtual directory for our site in the following manner.

virtual Directory
                                    Figure 10: virtual Directory

Enter the details as same in the following image.

                            Figure 11: Add Virtual Directory

Then hit ok.

This is the way you have to deploy your site using FTP. This link shows you how to deploy a secured FTP site in IIS.

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