Deploying A Universal Application In XBOX Console

Configuring a Machine 

Install Visual Studio 2015 Update 2. Make sure that you choose
Custom install and select the Universal Windows App Development Tools not part of the default install.
Install the latest Windows 10 SDK preview build.


  1. Windows Dev Center account
  2. Visual Studio 2015 Update 2.
  3. Xbox Gaming Console. 

The following are the important steps to deploy a Universal Application in XBOX One.

  1. Make sure your development PC and Xbox One device is connected in the same network.
  2. If the developer mode is not enabled then it means you have to enable them by visiting the link.
  3. Now move to Universal Windows Application creation.
In Visual Studio
Step 1
Select New Project and then select Windows -> Universal -> Blank App. 

Step 2
Select the default options in the New Universal Windows Project dialog. If the Developer Mode dialog appears, click OK. A new blank App is created.

Step 3

On the Debug tab, change Target device to Remote Machine.

Step 4

In Remote machine, enter the system's IP address or hostname of the Xbox One Console.

Step 5

In the Authentication Mode drop-down list, select Universal (Unencrypted Protocol). Finally, your Application is deployed in XBOX device.