Design Main Page in Android App - Day Seven


Before moving further, please refer to the article series on Android:
Today I am starting with designing of Main Page of the Android app and now we will continue in future articles and create the complete application and then publish it into the Playstore but remember that when you choose the package name, the package name should be unique --  it is mandatory.
  • Project name MainPage
  • Minimum SDK API 19
  • Choose Blank Activity
Step 1- This is the main screen of our Android app which we will design in these articles with some tricky approaches. First I will demonstrate the design and then start the design. The first image we put into the linear layout and another two images we will make a separate linear layout, and this process will remain for two rows, which means in total we create a four linear layout.  One is for main and three layouts for row images.
layouts for rows images
Step 2- Now for the first image, we take Linear Layout and in Linear Layout we set the image button and set some common attributes. We assign the id which will see in future, basically, it is used for calling button in the java class, and then we set the top margin to give the gap from top, then we set the margin-left to handle the image position only from the left side, then we give a white color for the background and we paste this image in the drawable folder and then we give the source of our image file.
Step 3- In this setup, we make one more linear layout and in this linear layout, we make two image buttons in it and set some of the same properties which we declared ina previous step and also remember that you assign a unique id for each button.
Step 4- Now repeat this pattern two times and our layout is complete.
Where you make Icon or Image Circle?
This is the resource where all our needs become very easy. In this step I am discussing some general things such as how you take circle images and how you adjust the size of each images in this way I am showing some powerful resources which are very helpful and creating an interactive layout. Click on IMAGE button and select the image and all the images all generated.
Image Circle
Where you take images or icons?
You can take images or icons on some free resources; I show  you one website you can download the icons from there and put it into Android asset to make an icon circle