Designing Training Feedback Survey Using Voice Of The Customer


In this article, we are going to discuss how we can use the Voice of the Customer to design our Dynamics 365 training feedback survey or it can be used for any feedback survey similarly. If you are new to it, I suggest you check my earlier articles.


We need to capture training feedback. It should capture some basic details of the candidate and should capture the feedback about the training contents.


We can use the Voice of Customer solution for designing our survey. We can go through the following steps to create our training feedback survey:

**Make sure you have followed our earlier article to setup Voice of the Customer

  1. Navigate to Voice of the Customer and click on New.
  2. Fill in basic required details on the survey form and save it.
  3. Click on the Form Selector and navigate to the Designer form.

    Dynamics CRM

    Let’s say on the first page we want to simply display a text “Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training Feedback Survey”

  4. Click on the Pencil, it will open the editor. We can use toolbar to format our text like below. After that, save and go back to the Survey.

    Dynamics CRM
    Dynamics CRM
  5. Click on the second page and drag a short answer question and edit its text to get candidate name.

    Dynamics CRM

  6. Now, let’s say we want to capture the trainer's name. Drag a single response question to edit questions and responses accordingly.

    Dynamics CRM

  7. Now, let’s capture training feedback. Draft a single rating question and place it over the form. It will open the question editor automatically.

  8. Provide the name and label for the single rating question.

    Dynamics CRM

  9. Navigate to Questions section and add your required questions, like below.

    Dynamics CRM

  10. Navigate to Columns. Let's say, we use the below column headings.

    Dynamics CRM

  11. Save and Close the Grid page.

Now, our Survey is ready. Click on the Publish button to publish your survey. Once it is published, we can click on the Anonymous Link under the survey form to run it.

 Dynamics CRM
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