Developing Blockchain App In C++

Blockchain is one of the Top 5 Developer Trends of the Year 2018 and it brings many, new opportunities:  Blockchain - An Unblocked Opportunity for Developers.

Blockchain can be defined in a few simple words - secure, shared, and distributed ledger. In other words, blockchain technology is a software combination of code and database where the database is publicly shared among peers and is cryptographically secure.

Keep in mind, not all applications need a blockchain. Blockchain is something where you need to build trust and do not wish to use a third-party or server to manage your data. If you’re still not sure, check out Do You Need A Blockchain?.

This talk will explain what public blockchain systems like Bitcoin and Ripple are, the unique challenges of developing software for them, and how C++ helps to meet these challenges.

Security issues are paramount. Blockchain systems are open source, have large attack surfaces, and can cause significant financial damage if they have exploitable defects. Performance and scalability are also major concerns.