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Docker is an internal or integral part of DevOps (a clipped compound of "development" and "operations"). With its amazing architecture design tool, we can achieve major issues or exceptional use of Docker as a virtual machine.
Let us discuss some major point that makes aware of Docker.

Virtual Machine vs. Docker

What is a VM (Virtual Machine)?

A VM is a virtual machine or server which emulates a server (hardware). It relies on the system's hardware to stimulate the same environment which is installed on your applications. Majo use of System's virtual machine that lets you exact computer software and applications alone in the virtual environment.

Before, developers were used to creating virtual machines for all those purposes, but each virtual machine occupies a lot of space and is heavily configured. Therefore, Docker came into the picture with exceptional use of the same approach with a wide enhancement of virtual machines.
What is Docker?

It is a platform for service products that create a virtual container that contains a collection of software. A container is a collection of software, libraries, configured files that communicate with each other with well-defined channels. Docker Containers are standalone, executable packages, lightweight collection of software which just need to run for use. The major thing is open-source, which is a software development solution known as containers.

The main purpose of Docker will let you run all the microservices with a distributed architecture. 
Difference between Docker and Virtual Machine
  • Containers are much smaller and faster than VM, which makes development cycles and microservices much faster to run.
  • Staring at a virtual machine is more time-consuming. Even docker files look easier than other solutions rather than virtual machine provisioning.
  • Docker can be used as isolated to an individual machine whereas a virtual machine is isolated to an entire system.
  • Virtual Machine is not container-based technology, it's made up of user-space +  kernel space of Operating system. Each VM has apps and an Operating system which is a shared hardware resource from the host. In docker - containers that are running share the host Operating kernel
Let's see some basic ideas on the Docker engine, Components, and how the Docker system works.

Docker Daemon
It's a listener for Docker API requests and Managing Docker objects such as images, volumes, Containers, and networks. It's a communication bridge to manage services.

Docker Engine (Rest API)
It is an API that is used by an application to interact with Docker daemon which is accessed by the HTTP client.

Docker CLI
It is a command-line interface client for interaction with Docker daemon. It runs on any machine or platform where Docker has been installed.


In this article, we've learned about the basic introduction of Docker with the container and Docker engine. We also saw how it differs from a Virtual Machine. In the next Docker Architecture article, we will learn about Docker Architecture with a detailed description of each tool and object.

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