Duplicate Detection Rules Configuration in Dynamics 365

Step 1. Navigate to your Dynamics 365 system and click on 'Settings'. Then, select 'Data Management' followed by 'Duplicate Detection Rules'.

Dynamic 365 Data Management

Step 2. Select Duplicate Detection Rule.

Duplicate detection rule

Step 3. Select the New button.

Select new button

Step 4. Provide the necessary details to create the duplicate detection rule:

Enter a name and description for the rule.

Choose the entity type to which the rule will apply from the 'Base Record Type' list.

Select the entity type against which you'll compare the 'Base Record Type' by choosing a 'Matching Record Type' from the dropdown list.

Specify whether the rule should be case-sensitive or not.

Define the criteria for identifying a matching record.

Define criteria for identification

In the same row, in the Criteria column, Select, and then select an operator. For example, select Exact Match.

If you specified the Same First Characters or the Same Last Characters in the No. Of Characters column, select Enter Value, and then enter the number of characters to compare.

If you don't want the rule to consider blank fields (null values) as equal while identifying duplicates, select the Ignore Blank Values check box.

Ignore blank value check box


Step 5. Create a record with the Same as Ex: “allam”

Create record

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