Dynamic Theme Change Across Canvas App Screens

Create a new Canvas App or utilize your existing one.

Canvas App

Incorporate a Profile Screen for viewing your profile details.

To integrate the Profile Screen, I've added a Blank Screen and positioned a Rectangle to display profile details, covering half of the screen. Moreover, I've included multiple Circles to enable theme customization.

Include an option to change the theme on the Profile Screen.

The Circles are filled with colors selected for theme customization based on individual preferences. For illustration, I've used Orange, Red, Blue, and Purple.

Theme customization

Incorporate logic to modify the theme of all screens directly from the Profile Screen.

I've employed two Canvas App Global Variables to establish the color theme and font for all screens.

Set(mytheme,RGBA(246, 88, 16, 1));

Set(font color,RGBA(246, 88, 16, 1));

Screen for Changing the Theme



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