Enable Copilot for App Users in Model-Driven Apps


Copilot for model-driven apps in Power Apps is a next-generation AI assistant for app users to get insights about the data in their apps through conversation in natural language. Copilot helps app users boost their productivity through AI-powered insights and intuitive app navigation.

Steps to enable copilot for model-driven apps

  • Navigate to https://admin.powerplatform.microsoft.com
  • Select the Respective environment where you want to Enable COPILOT
  • Open the Environment
  • Click Settings on TOP --> Select Product --> Select Feature.
  • You will see an Option Called COPILOT. Enable the Option and click on save.
    COPILOT Enable
  • When the feature set is turned on, a maker can then enable the Copilot component from the app settings in Power Apps Studio and then add the Copilot control to the app, allowing end users to use the AI-powered chat experience.

Set your environment to receive monthly updates for model-driven apps

Makers must set their environment to receive monthly model-driven app updates as a prerequisite for having a copilot for end users in model-driven apps.

  • Sign in to the Power Platform admin center at https://admin.powerplatform.microsoft.com.
  • In the navigation pane, go to Environments and select the environment where you want to enable copilot for app users in model-driven apps. Select Settings on the command bar.
  • Select Product > Behavior. Set the Release channel for model-driven apps to the Monthly channel, and then Save your changes.
    Release channel
  • When enabled, the copilot can be accessed through the copilot icon in the right navigation bar in a model-driven app. The copilot pane can be opened or minimized as desired.
    model-driven app

Disable copilot for a model-driven app

Makers can disable copilot for their model-driven app. In-app designer, open your model-driven app for Edit and then select Settings on the command bar. Select Upcoming on the Settings screen, and then set Copilot Control to Off. Save and Publish the model-driven app for the changes to take effect.


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