Enticing Ways To Get More Out Of Three Ways Cortana Can Help You This Holiday In Windows 10


Cortana is of Windows 10’s headline aspects, bringing Microsoft’s voice-enabled virtual assistant from the phone to the desktop for the first time. It’s easy for organizations to brush aside Cortana. In the end, it’s fun to ask your mobile questions and get answers. However, how does that help with your PC? But there’s more to Cortana than many folks realize.
With the right technique – not to mention the right hardware – she can help business clients in a multitude of ways, saving them effort and time and making sure they get the knowledge they need, in the place and time they want it most.
One false impression is that Cortana is most effective about voice. While speech consciousness is a key part of the innovation, there's likewise a great deal going on off camera regarding language processing, searching, and tying unique bits of data together.
Let’s take a look now, as we're sharing enticing ways to get more out of three ways that Cortana can help you this holiday in Windows 10.
Set reminders
Like a critical living creature and blood colleague, Cortana can help you meet due dates, handle to-dos, and for the most part remain in control. It can actually send you reminders at targeted instances, while you’re in certain places, or when you're interacting with somebody in your contact list.
You can advise Cortana to set a timer, and individually-based updates utilizing regular speech.
Step 1
In this step, squeeze Windows + R keys and type set reminders to get to set reminders. As shown in the below picture.

Step 2

In this step, when you click on the set reminder console then a new dialogue box will open and ask what do you want to be reminded about, as shown in the below picture.

Make lists to track gifts

Whether you're arranging gifts to purchase, making a shopping list for an occasion feast or recollecting what you have to do before leaving for a getaway, you can undoubtedly utilize your voice to make another list, add to a current rundown and draw up your rundowns when you require them, as shown in the below picture.

Easily track your flights

Cortana can monitor your flight for you and let you know whether it's postponed. Cortana can automatically do this for you once you've marked your flight confirmation, or you can enter your flight number into the inquiry field and Cortana will let you know its status, as shown in below picture.

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