Event Registration Form Using Microsoft Forms Without Any Code

In this article, I have tried to give the steps to create the sample Event Registration form. It does not require any code. Without any coding knowledge, this can be done.


You need to have Office 365 subscription and there is no license needed for Forms, it’s free.

When you login to Office 365, you have this  icon in the left top corner of the page. It’s called waffle icon. On clicking it you can see all the app that you have permission. In that, you will find the Forms (highlighted in the below image).

To load the Forms click on them. Now you will see the below screen that has the “+ New Form” button. Use the new form button to create the Event Registration Form.

Once clicking the New Form button you will see the blank form with options to create questions and a header for the form as shown below,

You need to create as many questions as you want to know about the person who wants to enroll themselves for the Event. In this example, I have just created 4 questions like Full name, Email address, Organization, and Job Title.

It’s easy to add questions, just you need to click the “+Add Row” button as shown in the below picture,

There are some suggestions shown while you are trying to create questions. That’s cool, isn’t it? You can select from the suggestions list and click “Add selected”. It will be added to your form.

You also have provisions to change the response (Answer) type like choice, text or date, etc.

Once you are done with the questions, you need to share them. Before that, if you would like to change some settings like who is allowed to enroll for this event, For example, people within the organization or outsiders can also enroll for it. In the right top corner of the page, you have Preview, Theme, and Share Options also. On clicking the “” you will the menu that contains Settings.

Preview Mode

You can see how the Form looks in the Mobile and Desktop view.


When you go to settings, there are options given for “Who can fill out this form”, there you can select the options according to your need. Anyone can respond can be selected if you are expecting the responses from outsiders also (not part of your organization, they don’t need to login). Anyone from your organization can enroll (respond) if you select “Only people in my organization can respond”. You can also set “only specific people within your organization” can enroll (respond) for it.

Start and End date

You can also set the duration from when we can start getting the enrollment (responses) till which date (last date to get the responses).


There is a list of themes available, you can select anything from the available themes.


After all these, now it’s time to share the Event Registration with to targeted audience. Click on the “Share” button. You have different options like sharing it as a short URL, QR code, Embedded HTML tag, Email.


Finally, now you wish to see how many of them enrolled for the event. Check the below options you have for responses. You can also view the results one by one and export the results in Excel by clicking the “Open in Excel” link.

How does the Event Registration form look like?

 Here it is.

Now you learned how to create an enrollment form, same steps have to be followed if you wish to create Polling, Survey, or Feedback.

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