Fax Server Installation

Fax Server sends and receives faxes. In addition, it also allows us to manage fax resources such as jobs, Fax devices, and reports on your network. You can use Fax Server to share and manage fax resources from a central location, which enables the users to send and receive faxes. In this article, I will show you how to install Fax Server Role in Windows Server 2016.


To set up a Fax Server, you must also set up a Print Server.

Installation process steps

Login into your Windows Server 2016 —> click Start Menu—> go to Server Manager —> click Add Roles and Features

Image: Server Manager

Once you click Add Roles and Features link, it opens up Add Roles and Features Wizard and the installation process begins.

Image: Installation Type

You need to select the type of Installation here. I am selecting Role-based installation here. After selecting the Installation type, click Next.

Image: Server Selection

Here, you need to select the Server from the Server pool.. In this screenshot above, I have only one Server (Ind-dns1), so I am selecting the Server.

Once you select the Server, click Next.

As soon as you click Next, you will see a small Window prompted. Click Add Features and this will add Tools for an administration, followed by clicking Next.

Now the installation process moves to “Features” step where you can add additional features to the installation process —> Click Next.

Image: Server Roles

Once, you click Next, you will see the description about Fax Server, followed by clicking Next.

Image: Fax Server Description.

Now, click Install to confirm and start the installation of Fax Server.

Image: Confirmation

As soon as you click Install button, the installation process starts and Fax Server role will be added to your Windows Server Roles but there is one more step, which you need to finish. It is Fax Server Role installation i.e post-deployment configuration for the Fax Server Role. Click Perform additional configuration link to complete required configuration for Fax Server Role.

Image: Installation Progress Summary.

Image: Fax Server

You can see in the above screenshot that Fax Server was added under Server Manager Dashboard. Also, go to Tools to find Fax Service Manager tool. You have successfully learned how to install Fax Server on your Windows Server 2016. Read my future articles to install Print and Document Server in addition to managing Fax/Print Servers.

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