Field Parameter In Power BI Desktop

What is Field Parameter?

Field Parameter is the new modeling feature in Microsoft Power BI Desktop which can be used to display dynamic columns or measures in Visuals. Let’s consider a scenario, suppose you are making a report for sales team, and you must prepare a bar chart where you are displaying the number of customers by age group, type, and stores. There is a slicer that has these options like Store, Type, and Age so whenever the user is selecting Store from the slicer then the bar chart should display the number of customers by stores. In similar way when user is selecting the Age then it should display values in the bar chart by Age group. So how we can achieve this functionality? So, here comes the field parameter in picture.

How to create a Field Parameter?

As this is a preview feature, so we must need to enable this in Power BI Desktop.

Step 1

Click on file Menu and then click Options and Settings and then click on Options.

Step 2

Go to Preview features option in the Options Dialog box and then check mark the Field Parameter and then click OK.

enable preview features

Step 3

Click on Modeling ribbon, click on New Parameter Dropdown Menu and then select Fields.

Creating Field Parameter

Step 4

  1. Enter the Name for your field parameter in the Name Textbox.
  2. Drag and drop the columns which you want to display in the bar chart.
  3. Click on Create button.
  4. After the above step one slicer will be added to the page with options like Store, Type, and Age which you can use to display the number of customers with different options.

create field parameter

Step 5

Add the bar chart on the canvas and then from the fields section there will be a new table which is named as the field parameter which you have created in the last step. Select the “Column View” column from that table and add in X-axis of bar chart and place ID from the Customer table in Y-axis to display the count of customers.

Field parameter in report page


After all these steps we can now display the number of customers with different options.


Working of field parameter

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