Disk Cleanup In Windows 10


Here are some of the options you may use to free up disk space in a Windows 10 PC.
The first thing you can do is, go to Control Panel and review all software applications installed on your PC. There may be some applications that you may not need. You may want to remove them.
Windows 10 has an auto-update feature that updates your Windows 10 to the latest version and also keeps a backup of the previous version.
Windows 10 also keeps all downloaded files, temporary files, and other files.

Follow these steps

Go to Settings > Storage (search Windows 10). You will see total Storage used on your PC.
Click on the Storage and you will see a breakdown.
The first thing you want to do is, delete temporary files.
Click on Temporary files and on the next screen, you will see Delete and other options.
Previous versions of Windows may be the culprit. You can delete them by clicking the Delete previous versions button. It might take a while to delete them.
You may also want to uninstall some of the unwanted apps on your PC.
Click on Apps & games, you will see a list of apps and games and the storage being used for each of them. Remove the ones you don’t want.


In this article, we learned about Disk Cleanup In Windows 10. 

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