Generate a Barcode with Power Automate

Learn how to effortlessly generate barcodes with Power Automate and seamlessly scan them using PowerApps for an efficient and streamlined data capture process.

In this comprehensive guide, discover the step-by-step process of creating barcodes using Power Automate, attaching them to a SharePoint list, and effortlessly scanning these barcodes using the intuitive features of PowerApps.

  • Initially, navigate to, then proceed to create a team site according to your preference. Next, establish a SharePoint list with the specified columns.
    Cloud flow
  • Head over to and navigate to "My flows" in the left-hand navigation. At the top ribbon, you'll find the option to create a new flow. Select "Automated cloud flow" as depicted in the screen below.

  • Then, provide a name for the flow as per your preference and select the flow trigger as "when an item is created in SharePoint." Please refer to the screen below.Item

  • Within the "When an item is created" box, enter the site URL and choose the list name as "Employee list."

  • Next, click on "Add an action," then search for "Encodian" and choose it. Following that, search for "Create BarCode" and select the appropriate option.Barcode

  • Afterward, choose the desired "BarCode Type," such as code128 or your preference. Then, include "Employee ID" followed by a separator like "|" and "Full Name" from SharePoint Dynamic Values in the BarCode Data box, as depicted on the screen below.

  • Following that, select "Add an action." Search for "SharePoint" and then look for "Add attachment." Choose the appropriate option once found.

  • Subsequently, include SharePoint dynamic values for "Site Address," "List Name," and "ID." In the "File Name" section, specify the desired file name format, such as "Bar-EmployeeID-Name.jpg," incorporating dynamic values as needed.
    File content

  • Click on Save Flow.To test the flow, click on the Test button from the right side of the top menu and click the Run flow button.

  • Now, navigate to the "Employee list" in SharePoint. Once a name is added, the corresponding barcode will be generated as shown below.
    Full name

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