George Steeve's .NET Tutorial Projects

Every once in a while, someone decides to do something really altruistic for the programming community.  The other day,  a fellow by the name of George Steeves,  sent me 17 of his tutorial projects that he uses to teach a C# and .NET course to post here on C# Corner.  Interestingly enough, the tutorial projects have a heavy bent on how to program multimedia in .NET.  The projects include how to display graphics, show videos, play mp3 and wav files, and even how to output text to speech.  Judging from the number of people viewing our multimedia articles on the site, this download should prove very useful to developers facing the challenge of developing audio, video, and speech applications in .NET.

Below are a list of the projects sent to me.  All were compiled and converted to Visual Studio 2008.  Although the projects don't use the newer features in 2008,  they certainly solve some frequently asked questions about using .NET with multimedia without having to use DirectX.

Also included in the tutorials are useful tidbits such as how to access the clipboard, how to recursively search directories, how to draw on a form and save to a file, and how to spawn a child process in .NET

List of Tutorials in the Download

Here is the list of the tutorial descriptions included in the download:

1 - Hello World (Basic Windows Form Program with listbox and button)
2 - Simple Directory (Lists all the active drives. Also lists files in the current directory)
3 - Opens and displays a picture in a windows form
4 - Searches for all song titles containing a search word (musician or part of the title) in a list of mp3 songs
6 - Does a recursive search for a particular file or wild card file through all directories
7 - Spawns a child process (in this case notepad.exe). The program let's the user know when it has returned from the process.
8 - Displays a Windows Form the size of the physical screen containing a chosen image from a file.
9 - Displays a random number between 1 - 100
10 - Allows you to copy an image already captured in the clipboard to a file of a selected image format.
11 - Displays all the drives along with detailed drive information
12 - Shows you how to display and use Yes/No Buttons in a message box
13 - Shows you how to play sound files (mp3 and wav) through the Windows Media Player ActiveX component
14 - Shows you how to play videos with the WMPLib (Windows Media Player ActiveX)
15 - Uses a for loop to iterate through a string and count letters
20 - Draws a pie chart on the windows form using GDI +
21 - Shows you how to draw an image using GDI+ and save it to a file (example draws CD Image Info)
25 - The last tutorial shows you how to use the Microsoft Speech Library in .NET


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