If you and your organization are using Microsoft teams for collaboration/communication with your team members, then you might have come across a wish - why do I need to open outlook email to approve any business process work? Why can't I get that approval action on Teams?
MS Teams can be used on desktop as well as on mobile, so it's handy to respond from anywhere. Yes, we can send chat messages to approver with Approve/Reject buttons on MS Teams - and then approver can take action from MS Teams itself.
  • We will be using Adaptive cards and Power Automate to achieve this
  • Adaptive Cards are an open card exchange format enabling developers to exchange UI content in a common and consistent way.
  • Cards are nothing but JSON objects - they can be rendered in any host application such as - any bot framework, MS teams, outlook email, Cortana
  • From Power Automate – we can post Adaptive card approval message on Teams to single user or a team
  • User can respond from Teams with comments
  • FLOW can read response of user and we can implement further logic
  • FLOW waits till user responds – same as default approval action
  • With adaptive cards we can build any kind of UI including input forms
  • Check out these sites -https://adaptivecards.io/samples/https://adaptivecards.io/designer

Get approval done from Microsoft Teams using Adaptive cards and Power Automate
Aug 11 2020

Sarvesh Shinde

In this video article we will see how to make use of adaptive cards, Power Automate to send approval message on MS Teams.