Get Started With Azure Analysis Service

Pre-requisite Knowledge

Before we start with the understanding of what is Azure Analysis Service, we should have:

Introduction and features

  • Azure analysis services are used to build the analytics solutions in Microsoft Azure cloud platform.
  • This service is built on top of SQL server analysis service and it supports tabular models at 1200 and higher.
  • Azure Analysis Services is fully managed which provides enterprise grade data models in the cloud.
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  • This service comes under the Platform as a Service (PaaS) category in the Azure cloud.
  • By using this service, we can merge the data from multiple data sources, define the metrics and secure the data.
  • This service provides features to combine the multiple data sources which delivers a single Business intelligence model. Final model will be easy to understand to generate more meaningful data insights.
  • This service provides users the ability to perform the analytics on the data in the quickest way and can connect to the real time operational data.
  • By using Azure Resource Manager, we can quickly create and deploy the Azure analysis services in the cloud.
  • We can scale up, scale down and pause the services in the Azure cloud and will pay as we use.
  • We can scale out; client queries are distributed into multiple query replicas in a query pool.
  • Azure analysis service provides high security to the data using role-based access security, Azure active directory, row level security, object level security, firewall protection etc.
  • Business users can access the data anytime, anywhere as they need.
  • Microsoft claims 99.9% availability for this service.
  • We can create, deploy and manage this service using multiple tools choices like Visual Studio, SQL Server Management Studio, PowerShell etc.
  • It has integration with the most popular BI visualization tools like Power BI, Excel, Reporting Services, and third-party tools are all supported.
  • We can easily monitor this service in the cloud since it is integrated with the Azure metrics too.
  • At last this is enterprise grade analytics engine as a service in the Microsoft Azure cloud.
Azure Analysis Service Pricing – Available in Developer, Basic, and Standard tiers.
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In this article we have learned an overview of Azure Analysis Service.