Getting Started with Python Development in Visual Studio 2019


This article explains Python development in Visual Studio 2019 and how to install or update Python in Visual Studio 2019. Visual Studio introduces a new experience in Python development. It helps to edit, interactive development for Python applications, using familiar frameworks including Django and Flask.

Configure Python in Visual Studio 2019

We need to enable the Python while installing the Visual Studio 2019. If you already installed Visual Studio, then we can enable it using the Visual Studio installer. Steps are the same to enable Python for those who are installing new or updating the Visual Studio which we have installed already. Open the installer and select the “Python development” as shown below.
Getting Started Python Development In Visual Studio 2019

Installation details of Python

We can see the installation details of the Python on the right-hand side in the installer after selecting the Python development. We can find how much MB of memory have been taken for installing Python.
Getting Started Python Development In Visual Studio 2019
Click the modify to enable Python in Visual Studio 2019. If you are installing new, we can find the installation button in the bottom instead of the Modify button. Once clicked, the Modify installation will be started.
Getting Started Python Development In Visual Studio 2019

Features in Visual Studio for Python

  1. Editing is very easy and user-friendly. We can easily edit the Python code with the help of Tooltip, completion and code snippets.
  2. We can install the libraries without trouble. Using search options, find the libraries and install whatever we need for our Python applications.
  3. Debugging is very helpful to find the complex issues. Python in visual studio support debugging without project.
  4. We can use effective source controller Git and TFS. We can use Git and TFS without a command line.
  5. Unit testing is validating your changes in the editor. We can verify the code is working correctly without leaving the visual studio. We can view, edit, and debug the unit test from the test window.
  6. Python tool for Visual Studio is a free extension, develop and support by Microsoft with contribution from the community.

Python Project Template

Open Visual Studio, click the new project and type the Python in the search bar in Visual Studio 2019. We can see all Python-related templates, as shown below.
Getting Started Python Development In Visual Studio 2019
We have more than five templates available. In the Python application; it is used to create the command line project. Python Web Project, it is used to creating a generic Python web project. Django Web Project, it is one of the frameworks. A project for creating an application using the Django web framework. We have Django, Flask, and Bottle web framework for Python. It features sample pages that use the Twitter Bootstrap framework for responsive web design.

Python Frameworks

There are following famous frameworks are available. If we are learning following Python frameworks we have good opportunities.
Getting Started Python Development In Visual Studio 2019


A Python-based free and open-source web framework. It is the model –template –view(MTV) architectural pattern. It is the main primary goal is to ease the creation of complex website.


Python web application framework. It is designed to make creating web applications easier. It is an open-source. It is designed to easy to use.


This is a Python web application framework. It is designed around the model, view and controller architecture. It is designed to make rapid web application development in Python easier and more maintainable.


The open-source web application framework is written in the Python programming language. web2py focuses on rapid development, favors convention over configuration approach and follows a model–view–controller (MVC) architectural pattern.


Flask is a micro web framework written in Python. It is classified as a microframework because it does not require particular tools or libraries


CherryPy is an object-oriented web application framework using the Python programming language. It is designed for rapid development of web applications


A light-weight micro-framework written in Python for building web APIs and app backbends. It is like Falcon. It has a clean design that embraces HTTP and the REST architectural style.

Creating a Python Project

We can develop web applications using  Python with above one of the frameworks. Open Visual Studio 2019 and select “Create new project”.
Getting Started Python Development In Visual Studio 2019
Select the language dropdown as “Python”. We can see all the project templates of the project for Python.
Getting Started Python Development In Visual Studio 2019
We can see the template with a different framework. We can choose and develop any one of the templates a can develop the application based on our requirement.


I hope this article helps with ideas on how to set up and choose the template to develop an application using Python in Visual Studio 2019. The next part of this article explains how to develop the first Python with a simple program. This is really helpful for new learners.