Grandnode Has Released New Version 4.60


In the latest version of GrandNode (4.60), the GrandNode team has divided their efforts into two fronts -- the  front and back end.
In the front-end section, the team worked on default theme redesign.
There they modified some parts of it to make it more user-friendly and to ease up on the customization process during the creation of the theme.
They have also extended the functionality of GrandNode and implemented two important features. First of all, they added e-learning features as the core functionality of GrandNode, which will give the possibility of creating a portal like Udemy or Coursera. The second feature is reserved mostly for B2B portals and it will allow you to assign documents to customer accounts.
Now you can create documents manually, so it's a very flexible solution.
Finally, there is a possibility to add generic attributes directly from the admin panel. On each of  the most important collections (product, category, manufacturer, customer role, vendor, order, course, topic) you are able to manage them, by navigating to the tab "Generic Attributes" on the edit page. Each of the highlighted changes will be described in a separate article, so stay tuned to get more information.
 Here are the major changes in GrandNode 4.60
  • Improved the B2B Features
  • Improved web farm support and cache management
  • Added e-learning features
  • Default theme improvements
  • Allows managing generic attributes
Other features 
  • Added Facebook Pixel
  • Added commission rate for vendors
  • Added new customer action event - paid order
  • Allows for adjusting price when product attribute is related to the associated product
  • Added new message template for "Out of stock" in attributes combination when quantity is below 0
  • Hid "Send PM" button on the Customer edit page, if PM is disabled
  • Added possibility to choose warehouse on products
  • Makes flag text localizable
  • Added possibility to publish/unpublish topics
  • Added possibility to search by the store on bulk edit product search
  • Added date ranges in return requests search
  • Minor changes in RoxyFilename
  • Added pagination on Customer Roles window
  • Prevents the storage of SEO URL with lowercase characters
  • Added 3DS support for Braintree payment plugin
  • Added possibility to view posted reviews in My account -> "My reviews" section
  • Improvements with calculating shipping rate based on selected warehouse
  • Changed the error message after saving empty coupon code/gift card field
  • Added search to Countries list
  • Added support "Images services" for Raspberry Pi
  • Changes in Redis Cache configuration
  • Activity Log - added 'Message' field to the search form
  • Added new settings CookieSecurePolicyAlways
  • Added rating and price to the autocomplete search
  • Added possibility to manage discounts/promotions by staff
  • Added the possibility to manage the blog by the staff
  • Changes in bestsellers generation (New hidden setting: Choose bestsellers from X months)
  • Deactivate gift cards after canceled of an order
  • Paypal plugin - Added support to send multi-currency
  • Added new tax setting "Get country by IP address"
  • Minor improvements to generate a thumbnail for pictures
  • Added possibility to convert picture to WEBP format
  • Added more widget zones
  • Minor changes in a Slider plugin
  • Added new notification for update product stock
  • Combines two tabs (Personalized Products and Individual Product Pricesinto single one
  • Sets primary currency for auctions
  • Send AskQuestion to vendor
  • Remove WwwRequirement Attribute - Redirect www to non-www or Redirect non-www to www - should be implemented by Url Rewrite
  • Added async tasks to cache
  • Deletion of use EngineContext
  • Allows admin owner to edit currency rate / Add new field Currency code on the order details / minor changes in displaying amounts
  • Shortens the name of the field on the product collection (IsTelecommunicationsOrBroadcastingOrElectronicServices to IsTele)
  • Improvements in the source code
  • Remove own anti-forgery token validator - and use standard, coming from ASP.NET Core
  • Minor fix with Add to cart wishlist items
  • Added StoreId field to the blog comments collection
  • Added StoreId field to the news comments
  • Added razor runtime compilation library
  • Moved middleware/startup class to separate folder
  • Moved widget model to memorycache
  • Allows for saving of PersistKeys in Redis
  • API Authentication Service (allow to use more schemas based on JWT bearer token)
  • Rework ReturnRequest Controller
  • Added new events notification - mark as authorized/capture order/void order/void order offline
  • Added a handler for the notification (mediator) in the OnActionExecutionAsync on the Controller
  • PictureService - change of the image management library from Magick.NET to SkiaSharp
  • Added new setting: PluginShadowCopy
  • Added new field OwnerId for Customer and Order
  • Removed Grand. Data project from solution (moved files to Grand.Core.Data)
  • Minor changes in solution (remove Presentation folder)
  • Added Korean language pack for installation
  • Bootstrap Upgrade - upgraded bootstrap from 4.1.1 to 4.3
  • Removed unused Project Reference in the plugins
  • Moved push notifications routing to separate file
  • Removed GetControllerType method from IPaymentMethod
  • Removed unique index from the order number field
Bug fixes:
  • Fix - Send contact us form when captcha is enabled
  • Fix - ASCII characters not enforced in product SeName/slug
  • Fix hardcoded HTTP schema
  • Fix - Wishlist share link not working correctly
  • Fix - Admin-Dashboard-DateFilters are not working
  • Fix warning on dashboards screen caused by moment.min.js
  • Task "Delete guests" - do not delete the system customer account
  • Admin panel - fix partially refund online
  • Fix - Records don't show in the shipping by weight table
  • JWT Token AuthenticationFailed should return 401
  • Fix - Sales/Orders - Product filter does not work
  • Using "filter=contains" in WebAPI yields no result
  • Fix problem with order message template for vendor
  • Exporting customers are having an issue with Country
  • Multi-level menu not working in mobile phone
  • The checkout form is disabling when only one payment method configured