Hello World in HoloLens

In this article, I will demonstrate how to create simple application to display Hello World in HoloLens Unity.

If this is your first article on HoloLens development, I highly recommend you to read the following articles on how to setup your machine to build HolLens apps. These two articles will guide you how to install HoloLens Tool and simulator, and how to configure your Visual Studio 2015 Updated to get started with HoloLens.

In this article, you will learn how to write your first, Hello World app for HoloLens.  

Getting Started

Here are the steps to get started with HoloLens App:

  • Start Unity
  • Select New
  • Enter a project name (e.g. "HelloWorldHoloLens")
  • Enter a location to save your project
  • Ensure the 3D toggle is selected
  • Select Create project 

When Unity designer load make sure Default layout is selected from layout drop down list.


Now double click on Main Camera from Hierarchy tab.

Change camera position, Clear flags, Background and Clipping Planes in Inspector tab.

Set background color

Now add the Hologram, from Toolbar select Game Object and select 3D Object and select 3D Text.

Provide text “Hello World” in Object Name and Text Mesh and other properties like Position, Scale, Font, Style, Color in Inspector tab.

You can view the Scene using click on Game tab.

Now Save your created Scene.

Give an appropriate name and browse location and click Save button.

Now time to build the application. Go to File tab and click on Build Settings…

And select following 
  • Click on Add Open Scenes and select created scene
  • Select Platform “Windows Store”
  • Select SDK “Windows 10” from SDK
  • Select D3D from UWP Build Type
  • Check Unity C# Projects
  • Modify Player Settings
  • And click Build

Create new folder “App” name and select that, click Select Folder

Wait until project build. Once done then double click on solution file.

Now select Release and x86 from Debug and select HoloLens Emulator form emulator list. Then click on Debug icon.

Wait until emulator start

Final output


This article shows how we can create 3D Text using HoloLens app using Unity on Windows 10. The article also covered the installation process of Unity and deployment process.

Stay tuned for more articles. Feel free to share your feedback and comments.