Hide Or Show Frequent Folders In Quick Access In Windows 10


Microsoft Windows 10 has changed the favorites function from earlier home Windows, with fast access. The File Explorer opens to "Quick access" as a matter of course, which demonstrates your frequent organizers and recent documents. For protection reasons, if you don't wish to show them in Quick Get to, you can simply change the PC settings.
Quick access shows up to ten usual folders and twenty latest records.
Step 1
First, you right-click on the Start icon and click Control Panel option.
Step 2
When you click on Control Panel option, a new dialogue box gets open.
Step 3
In the new dialogue box, locate the "File Explorer Options" link and click on it.
Step 4
In the newly opened window, ensure that the "Open File Explorer to:"  dropdown is set to Quick access, as shown below.
Step 5
In this step, go to General tab under Privacy, check/uncheck the "Show Frequently Used Folder in Quick Access" checkbox, depending on your need.


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