How Artificial Intelligence Is Empowering Technology


In this article, we will discuss the following topics:
  • What is Artificial Intelligence?
  • How Artificial Intelligence is empowering user experience

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence may be defined as an ability to think, make decisions, and decide the best options available. It adds to the functionality to identify, to recognize, to express emotions, and also convey messages and information like a human being. In short, Artificial Intelligence is a machine's ability to add human functionality, thus complimenting the best possible outcome of a situation.

How Artificial Intelligence is Empowering the User Experience

Artificial Intelligence is integrated into almost each and every aspect of the end-user software experience, be it a recommendation system or face unlock feature of any machine, or suggesting the best route to your travel destination route. In this section, we will discuss AI empowerment in the user experience.
  • Recommendations
    Most of the time, you might use online stores, which might in the end suggest some products which enhance your user experience with the site of the online store. Sometimes when you browse your online content, be it any streaming service, you may notice that after you watch certain movie types or categories, it suggests you some movies or shows which might be in your flavor. This again makes sure that your User Experience is at its best. These services rely on a recommendation system that enhances the ability of the system to abstract the preferences of a user using some algorithms and to provide the best possible suggestion to the user.

  • Best Route Service
    Whenever you travel on your car to an unknown place, you might use some great Map services around, which suggests your best route which tells you indirectly where you might experience less or no traffic with respect to other routes, and that too in realtime. Data analysis and making a decision out of the given data received is very much one of an integral part of a subset of AI.

  • Security service
    Finding or recognizing a face is another subset of AI with the addition of an image recognition system and some other cognitive services. Some services use a collaboration of Hardware and Software to take it to the next level. This doesn't only work offline but also with some algorithms and some supported services it also works realtime scenarios. 

  • Email Categorization
    One of the best examples of how AI is helping to solve to differentiate among emails, be at Spam, or promotion. The contribution of the core of AI in our daily life is just huge even it contributes a small amount in any service.

  • Credit Decision for loans
    One of the most epic contributions of Artificial Intelligence is in the credit score evaluation for loans and to make a decision upon certain criteria. This not only saves time but also increases efficiency.


It is very much appreciated that Artificial Intelligence or its subsets are empowering technology to provide or serve humankind, thus every aspect of a technology powered by AI is making the process easy and smooth. Above were a few applications where AI is enriching user experience, and there are many more. I hope to see the contribution of AI applications with more efficiency with respect to its definition.

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