How Much Money Does A CTO Makes

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is the destination job for any technical person. A CTO is responsible for the overall technology strategy of a company, including the technology stack, product roadmaps, working with different department heads to find out their needs and building them solutions, and also working with the company CEO to deliver the company technology strategy and roadmap.

A tech focused company usually relies on a CTO more than any other role in the company.

So, how much money does a CTO make?

The average median salary of a CTO in America for 2016 falls in between $147,500 and $229,000.

Here is a list of CTO salaries in the top cities of the USA. Source: Glassdoor.

City CTO Salary
Atlanta $137,622
Austin $138,613
Boston $181,541
Chicago $171,201
Dallas $149,518
Denver $142,075
Houston $139,289
Las Vegas $137,252
Los Angles $164,078
New York $176,166
Orlando $131,270
Philadelphia $141,740
Phoenix $136,114
Richmond $135,489
San Francisco $164,934
Seattle $144,734
Washington, DC $200,050

The three cities with top salaries are Washington, D.C., Boston, and New York.

How much money do top CTOs make in America? According to, here is a list of the top CTOs and their salaries in a few of the top companies

  • Rasmus Norling, Poly Shield Technologies: $81.845 million
  • Michael Schroepfer, Facebook: $12.558 million
  • Neville R. Ray, T-Mobile US: $9.14 million
  • Kevin L. Timmons, Cyrusone: $6.85 million
  • Cadir B. Lee, Zynga: $6.185 million
  • Peng Xiao, MicroStrategy: $5.55 million

It's not only CTOs from the list who make millions. CTOs of startups including Twitter, Facebook, Uber, and many others make millions a year.

That was the salary part. Here comes the good part.

Most of the CTOs also get stock options (or equity) in the company. As a matter of fact, if a company is a tech startup, CTOs do get a major portion of the company, depending on the stage of the company.

CTO Salaries in India
According to, the median salaries of CTOs in India is Rs. 2,404,221 per year. The most paying cities for CTO jobs are Mumbai and Bangalore. The least paying city for the CTO job is Delhi.

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