How Python Is Different From Other Languages

In this article you will see how Python differs from other languages.

How Python Differs from Other Languages
  • Python is easy to learn. 
  • Python is good for statring out because the syntax of Python is very simple and understandable.
  • We can create GUI and CGI in few lines of code. 
Who uses Python?
Python is used for developing many popular Web products 
  • Youtube.
  • Google.
  • Yahoo! map.
  • Shopzilla.
  • Ultraseek.
Comparing Python With Other Languages
Python is compared with the mostly liked programming languages such as Java, JavaScript, Tcl, Perl, Smalltall and C++ also.
We will find Python is a good language for  development 
Python vs Java

 Point of Difference Python Java
Program run timePython program runs slower than JavaJava program runs faster than python
Program development timeTakes less time than JavaTakes more time for developing same program
Length of the codePython code is 3-5 times shorter than Java codeJava code is longer than Python
TypePython is dynamically typedJava is not dynamically typed 
Python  vs JavaScript

 Point of DifferencePythonJavaScript
Object based Python is an object based programming language     JavaScript is also an object based scripting language
Type Python can be used as scripting language as well as programming languageJavaScript is only used for scripting language 

Python vs Perl

Point of Difference Python  Perl
BasicPython is very close to Perl Perl is also very close to Python programming language
Programming methodologiesPython supports common programming methodologies such as data structure and object-oriented programmingPerl supports  common application-oriented tasks like  built-in regular expressions, file scanning and report generating features
Python vs Tcl

 Point of DifferencePythonTcl
TypedPython is a general purpose language programming language Tcl is application extension language and stand-alone programming language
Data typePython haa rich Datatype set for storing valuessTcl stores all type values in string means tcl is week in data structure 
Program execution timePython program executes faster Tcl program executes slower than python program
Modularity   Python supports module for writing large programs in small moduleTcl also has lack of module for writing large program
Python vs Smalltalk

Point of Difference PythonSmalltalk
TypedPython is a dynamically typed languageSmalltalk is not dynamic typed programming 
Standard libraryPython's library has more facilities for dealing with the iternet and WWW realities such as email, HTML and FTP
Smalltalk's standard library of collection data types is more refined
Python vs C++

Point of DifferencePythonC++
Length of codePython code is 5-10 time shorter than C++ codeC++ code is 5-10 times longer than Python code
OOPS Python is pure OOPS programming language      C++ is not a pure OOPS programming language
Tools available for Python development
  • Wing IDE: It reduces the development and debugging time, coding errors 
  • PyCharm: It is a proprietary and open source IDE for Python development
  • PyScripter: It is free and open-source software Python IDE for Windows.
  • Python Tools for Visual Studio: It is a free and open-source plug-in for Visual Studio.
  • Sublime Text: It is a text editor.
  • Webware for Python: It is a suite of programming tools for constructing Web-based Applications in Python.
  • Komodo IDE: It is  an IDE for Python.
  • Atom: It is an open source cross-platform IDE, which has more Python features under the package extensions.