How To Add Beta Testers To Test An Alexa Skill

Before we launch our Alexa skill to public, we need to test it. Alexa Developer Console provides an option to send your Alexa skill to a list of beta testers, up to 500 email addresses. Once your Alexa skill is ready, validated, and ready to test, follow these steps to send your Alexa skill to a list of beta testers.
Step 1. Go to alexa developer console, click on your skill name and click on Distribution. 

Alexa developer console

Step 2. Click on Availability link in the left side and find Beta Test box.

Alexa beta test
Step 3. Expand the Beta Test box and provide a Beta Test Administrator Email Address. This email will be used to send in the email to let the beta testers know who has sent this skill.
Alexa beta test admin
Step 4. Enable beta testing by clicking on Enable beta testing button. Once enabled, the button should say, Beta testing is enabled. You will also see a message - Your Beta Test is Active. There is a date when this beta test will expire. Also you can Copy Invite URL and send it via text, email or other messanger apps. You can also end test from here by clicking End Test button.

Add beta testers emails.
You can add all beta testers emails in the email addresses box. You can add them one by one or add more than one by using a semicolon or line by line. If you have a text or CSV file, you can also bulk upload it.

Once uploaded, you will see how many approved email addresses are added to the skill beta testers list.

Step 5. On next step, you may want to select regions and countries where you want to have this beta testing enable to. In my case, I want to allow US only people to test my skill. 

Step 6. Save the changes.
You’re all set. All beta testers (emails) added to the above list will get an email with the URL to add your skill to their Alexa app. Once added successfully, the skill will be available on their Alexa-enabled devices.

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